[Mono-docs-list] Re: Using XSD to validate

ginga@kit.hi-ho.ne.jp ginga@kit.hi-ho.ne.jp
Sun, 20 Apr 2003 00:54:23 +0900


> I think it woulf be wise to move to using an xml schema to validate the 
> documentation as soon as possible to prevent people from writing non ecma 
> like xml. Becouse the more that is written without it the more has to be 
> changed later on.  And if and all docs are xsd compatible any tool could read 
> the docs with 2 lines of code with xml serialization when that it is 
> completed. 
> Writing XML without an XML Schema or DTD is like writig code without a parser 
> :)

Yes, you are absolutely right ;)

As to only validation, you might be interested in NMatrix project:

And just yesterday, I reached to one milestone of my experimental
RELAX NG validating reader, which is similar to XmlValidatingReader.
Today I uploaded it:

It is very primitive, little informative, and maybe buggy.
It now could validate relaxng.rng with relaxng.rng itself.

At first, I implemented it only for Mono, but now I hope 
to separate from mono and let non-mono people use it.
I dare release it under public domain license,
but (of course) I'd like to contribute it.

Best wishes,
  Atsushi Eno