[Mono-docs-list] compiling from CVS on Linux

jbkerr jbkerr@sonic.net
Wed, 16 Apr 2003 08:20:43 -0700 (PDT)

  I came across the Mono site a few weeks ago and would really like to
contribute to unit testing of Mono... but I can't compile from the
latest sources.

  I followed the directions for AnonCVS access, read the README.building
file in the mcs directory, and tried running the mono-build.sh script.
The build in the mono directory shows lots of errors like

cp ../../mcs/class/lib/Accessibility.dll . || cp
usr/local/lib/Accessibility.dll .
cp: cannot stat `../../mcs/class/lib/Accessibility.dll': No such file or
cp: cannot stat `/usr/local/lib/Accessibility.dll': No such file or directory
make[2]: [Accessibility.dll] Error 1 (ignored)

  Well, okay, that makes sense, since the mcs build hasn't happened yet...
but if I try to compile mcs (cd ../mcs; make -f makefile.gnu), this pops

which: no mcs in
You must have a C# compiler installed to continue.
This is typically provided by 'mono'.
Read INSTALL.txt for details.

  It seems like there's a circular dependency here. The README.building
file suggests downloading the monocharge tarball from gnome-db.org, and
extracting mcs.exe and various dll's from it. Is this needed to break
the dependencies and get a successful first compile?

  Sorry if these are dumb questions, but I would like to get started
working on this project!

  BTW, my platform is Linux 8.0 running on Intel.