[Mono-docs-list] problem building monodoc

Lee Mallabone mono-docs@fonicmonkey.net
10 Apr 2003 17:44:36 +0100


I'm trying to build latest monodoc cvs, just doing a 'make' on the
module. When it tries to generate the docs it generates a whole load of
them, but eventually crashes out with this stack trace:

Processing namespace System.Xml.Xsl
    Processing input file IXsltContextFunction.xml
    Processing input file IXsltContextVariable.xml
    Processing input file XsltArgumentList.xml
    Processing input file XsltCompileException.xml
    Processing input file XsltContext.xml
    Processing input file XsltException.xml
    Processing input file XslTransform.xml

Unhandled Exception: System.ArgumentException: An invalid argument was
in <0x0007b> 00 System.String:CompareTo (object)
in [0x0000d] (at /home/lee/source/tools/monodoc/browser/provider.cs:345)
00 .Node:System.IComparable.CompareTo (object)
in <0x00051> 00 System.Array:compare
in <0x00126> 00 System.Array:qsort
in <0x0002f> 00 System.Array:Sort
in <0x000ab> 00 System.Collections.ArrayList:Sort
in <0x00024> 00 System.Collections.ArrayList:Sort ()
in [0x0013e] (at /home/lee/source/tools/monodoc/browser/assembler.cs:65)
00 .Assembler:Main (string[])

make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/lee/source/tools/monodoc/class'
make[1]: Entering directory `/home/lee/source/tools/monodoc'
sed -e 's^\@monodocdir\@^/usr/local/lib/monodoc^g' < ./monodoc.in >
&& mv monodoc.tmp monodoc
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/lee/source/tools/monodoc'
[lee@slayer monodoc]$

This is with mono/mcs 0.23. Is this just me?