[Mono-docs-list] Re: xslt update -- it's getting interesting

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
30 Oct 2002 02:25:50 -0500


> Barring bugs, none of it.  It's all standard XSLT 1.0.

Excellent, thanks a lot Scott.

> Even so, I should make this thing use the .NET Xstl API.  What is the
> status of this API?  I don't see anything in CVS...

The API should be there, we are basically using a very gross hack to
call into LibXslt.

> > In the Microsoft documentation a single entry is shown for it, and if
> > you click on it, you go to a page where you see the N overloaded members
> > (you get basically a summary page for them).
> I like this a lot.  However, right now there's insufficient information
> in the XML files to generate it.  The XML files include a summary for
> every individual overloaded function, but no summary for all overloads
> of the same name.  It appears that Microsoft wrote these themselves.

We could just generate a page with some common text:

	This method is overloaded, here are the signatures:

Followed by the actual method signatures with links and the method
summary.  I do not think we need to write a terse description of this
for now. 

> We can do this, but we'll have to modify the XML files to add the
> overload summaries.  Technically it would be easy, but is it a good
> idea?  How are the XML files in the CVS tree generated?  Are they just
> straight from ECMA?

Lets not do this for now, lets circle back to this if we see that there
is a big demand for it, but currently each method has enough information
that I doubt that there is a lot of value in adding more information for
the overloaded group.