[Mono-docs-list] xslt update -- it's getting interesting

Scott Bronson bronson@rinspin.com
27 Oct 2002 23:48:50 -0800

Announcing release 0.2 of statidoc, code named "Clark is Paid by the
Pound".  Things are starting to get interesting.

Statidoc is an XSLT-based documentation generator.  It is meant to be
the basis for online documentation viewers, but it produces perfectly
good static HTML documentation as well.

First, the demo.


The struck out links show where xml documentation files are missing. 
All other links should now work.  If you find any that don't, please
email me.


If you want to build the docs on your own machine, you only need the
monodoc CVS tree and the Sablotron XSL processor.  Download statidoc-0.2


unzip it in your monodoc directory, and follow the directions in the


Overloading works, but I don't like the way it's laid out.  Right now, I
don't include arguments, so you see a bunch of identical method names,
so it's confusing.  When I do include arguments, however, it's too
cluttered and, yes, confusing.  Does anybody have any suggestions on how
to nicely handle overloading?



- A few members don't sort properly.  Fixing this properly requires XSLT
2.0.  Read the BUGS file for more.

- There's very little indication of whether a member is static / public
/ const etc.  These should be made more visible.

- The totals on the summary page don't always add up.  This will require
a bit of investigation.

Now that the basics are in place, suggestions are welcome!

    - Scott