[Mono-docs-list] generate code from doc?

Adam Treat manyoso@yahoo.com
Wed, 2 Oct 2002 15:29:22 -0400

On Wednesday 02 October 2002 03:14 pm, Martin Aliger wrote:
> Hi,
> > Hi, while looking through classlib sources from mcs-0.16.tar.gz, I saw
> > that some directories do have doc directory containing a .xml file that
> > seems to contains all the skeleton information for an assemblie (methods
> > name, arguments names and types,
> > properties, events, etc).
> There is utility named MkMaster to do this. I do not know why these .xml
> are in assembly subdirectories, while there is /doc/classes directory to
> that purpose. Adam?

Miguel and I thought the docs should live in the same file heirarchy as the 
actual libs.  I'm not sure what we will do with the /doc/classes/ directory.

> PS: I still could not see there static modifier and visibility
> (public/protected) and some others (as sealed,attributes...)

We might be adding access modifiers in the future, but this is not as 
straightforward as it might seem.  VB and C# use different keywords for 
access modification...

> > The question that come to my mind was from where this .xml come from?
> > More precisely in what direction things are going, that is, are these
> > files generated from Mono sources, or are they generated from Microsoft
> > sources (part of Microsoft documentation)?
> You have sources of MS libs? Hope you have not. Even use of MS doc is not
> good idea when documenting mono classes (it is their intelectual property -
> and good one in my eyes)
> Martin
> BTW: MkMater was not working in 29th snapshot. I do not test it under 0.16
> yet :-(

MkMaster only works with Microsoft's runtime for the now.  Mono needs some 
more Reflection methods to make it work.  The Master.xml files you see in 
Mono's cvs tree were generated from the Microsoft dll's and with the 
Microsoft runtime.  This is another way to ensure that Mono remains 
compatible with the Microsoft implementation.