[Mono-docs-list] RE: [Mono-list] a beginning of a Gnome.NET tutorial

Daniel Morgan danmorg@sc.rr.com
Wed, 6 Nov 2002 13:20:03 -0500

I don't know if this has been done already or someone already working it, but I am porting the textview.c found in gtk/demos to C# as TextViewDemo.cs and plan to put this in gtk-sharp/sample.

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Am Mit, 2002-11-06 um 16.07 schrieb Alejandro Sánchez Acosta:

> We can do all the examples of the GTK tutorial in GTK# and then a spanish (from
> Mono Hispano) and english explication about that. 

To avoid double-production: I've started with the tutorial examples and
have some bits in cvs (gtk-sharp/sample/tutorial/). But if you like, you
can add missing examples.


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