[Mono-docs-list] MonoDoc XML and Overloads

Jason Diamond jason@injektilo.org
Sat, 16 Mar 2002 21:50:16 -0800


> Thanks for noticing this; you appear to be solving it in a good way.  Is
> there a document available anywhere in the NDoc source tree that documents
> (a) all the tags in an input file that you perform special processing on
> and (b) any extensions that you've added?  Since we're assuming generation
> with NDoc, I'd like to make interop as smooth as possible.

There isn't a document yet. I've been sort of half-assed trying to put one
together that describes all the tags that we support but it's not complete
yet (I'm trying not to write it manually, but rather extract it from our
XSLT files but I'm probably just making it way too hard on myself). The tags
that we support in elements like <summary>, <remarks>, etc, can be found in

> Also, I've been unable to find any good documentation of the <note> tag;
> any pointers?

<note> isn't documented by Microsoft but they use it. Look in the XML files
in your '%SystemRoot%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.0.3705' directory. I think
that we've found four different types of notes that you can specify with a
type attribute: 'caution', 'inheritinfo', 'inotes' (notes to implementers,
apparently), and generic 'note' notes (but I thought it was pretty stupid to
type <note type='note'> so we just assume that's the default type).

There's a couple of other neat little tricks that we gleemed from those XML
files. For example, <see langword='null' /> gets transformed into 'a null
reference (<b>Nothing</b> in Visual Basic)'.