[Mono-docs-list] Re: [Mono-list] More documentation info

A Rafael D Teixeira rafaelteixeirabr@hotmail.com
Wed, 13 Mar 2002 11:17:23 -0300

Just to inform that mbas (MonoBASIC compiler) will have a /doc (--doc) 
switch to generate documentation like csc has and mcs will eventually have.

Lines to extract will have to be marked by the "apostrophe followed by an 
underscore" character sequence as the first non-whitespace content in that 


'_ <summary>
'_   Do something interesting
'_ </summary>
Public Sub DoSomething()
' Do it
End Sub

Would you people like for this switch to have a parameter to change the 
schema used to generate documentation?

It could be something like

    mbas --doc:projectX.xml:monoSchema projectX.vb

to generate with your schema John, and

    mbas --doc:projectX.xml projectX

to generate with the default schema.

Rafael Teixeira
Brazilian Developer

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