[Mono-docs-list] looking to help..

Adam Treat manyoso@yahoo.com
Wed, 13 Feb 2002 14:54:10 -0800

I have been diligently working on a docstub generator.  It will be in usable 
form soon, and after that happens I would like help with several things,

	1.  Need the xsl to convert stub.xml to html, Microsoft's xml or other 
	2.  Need to write a tool that will combine Mono.xml with external 
documentation files and form Assembly.xml

and probably several other things.  i'll put the docstub on cvs shortly so 
you can see where i'm going.



On Wednesday 13 February 2002 02:19 pm, you wrote:
> > Ah, this changes my plans.  What is the status of external
> > documentation?  Should I focus on one of the documentation tools, like
> > docstub, or a XML Schema for external documentation instead of writing
> > more embedded documentation?
> Adam has been working on some of the tools to make this happen.  I have
> CCed him.
> Miguel.