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Wed, 6 Feb 2002 12:10:09 +0530

Oops... forgot to forward to the list.

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: Ok, I will document private (and protected) members as well as public.

    Fundamentally, I would like them to be documented at the last, but yes,
prefer them to do under documentation since they would also play roles and at
any later stage can cause any trouble if not properly documented.

 : I am filling completed files in System.Web.UI.WebControls with
: reasonably concise <remarks> and <summary> tags.  I would like to

    Great. :-)

 : provide more extended documentation as well.  For now I plan to write a
 : plain-text (tagless) page for each file I document with examples and
 : explanations.  Should I do this?  Also, any standards I should follow
 : beyond those mentioned in the EMCA section?

    That may be cool. But if you've got the cvs account, then you can start
writing directly to the cs file. That would save time rathen than writing to a
text file and then copy/paste-ing to the source file later on.


 Gaurav Vaish

: Joe