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: Hi,
: and .NET.  I am interested in writing documentation for classes as I

    Goldmine.. we've got a gold-mine. Really, I consider the document writers as
goldmines, it's very rare to find them these days. Glad that you are here.
Should I proactively ask you to consider the System.Web.UI.Webcontrols
namespace - the one I am controlling right now. It's almost totally

: How far along is the external XML documentation? If the XML schema is
: complete, where can I find it?  If it is not, I would be glad to assist
: in writing documentation tools or designing an XML scheme. Where would I
: be most useful?

    Another great job. Carry on. I am sure, you'd have got (or will get soon) a
detailed response from Miguel.

Miguel: Can I divert him to my side? ;-)

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