[Mono-docs-list] C# tutorial

PJ Cabrera pjcabrera@pobox.com
27 Dec 2002 02:09:34 -0400

On Wed, 2002-12-25 at 14:49, Guenther Roith wrote:
> Hello!
> The mono Hispanics seem to have developed a good C# tutorial
> (http://mono.es.gnome.org/tutoriales/gtksharp/) . Is anyone here, that could
> translate it for inclusion in Monkeyguide (Mono tutorial)? It's far ahead
> the current monkeyguide tutorial, I think.
> Johannes

Hi Johannes,

I already started translating the C# tutorial on Mono Hispano (I thought
I had mentioned that earlier.  If not, then sorry, I'll try to be more
clear next time I take up another chapter.)

I just thought of something: we don't all have CVS write access - which
is probably a good thing. :-)

So how do we coordinate to get our stuff reviewed and commented on? 
Should I put the translated tutorial up somewhere and announce the URL
here?  Then what do I do to get it checked in after I've fixed it up
with everyone's suggestions?

Any ideas/thoughts?  Am I way off?  I'm probably worrying too much, and
it's simpler than I imagine...

By the way, I think MonkeyGuide sounds great, don't sweat it.

PJ Cabrera
pjcabrera at pobox dot com