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Alejandro Sánchez Acosta raciel@es.gnu.org
25 Dec 2002 21:18:39 +0000

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El mi=E9, 25-12-2002 a las 18:49, Guenther Roith escribi=F3:
> Hello!
> The mono Hispanics seem to have developed a good C# tutorial
> (http://mono.es.gnome.org/tutoriales/gtksharp/) . Is anyone here, that co=
> translate it for inclusion in Monkeyguide (Mono tutorial)? It's far ahead
> the current monkeyguide tutorial, I think.

Yeah, Roberto Perez has made that document, a partner from my
university. There is only a little introduction with a sample about
using GTK#.

At this moment I am making some documentation with the GTK# samples and
I remember that we were working only in a GTK+ port that cover all the
GTK documentation.

If anybody wants to colaborate have the samples in samples/tutorial,
only has to do an introduction and explain the examples in each part of
the tutorial. The toc is exactly the same that in the GTK+ tutorial and
have some part of the tutorial written by you.

In the next weeks I will work in the finish of GTK# tutorial. Anyway if
nobody matters I will make a docbook entry, I will be the enthusiast guy
that translates the documentation to DocBook.

Alejandro Sanchez Acosta

raciel@es.gnu.org			         GNU Spain is not Unix.
raciel@gnome.org				 GNOME the GNU Desktop.

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