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Felix Faassen flixz@xs4all.nl
24 Dec 2002 03:23:01 +0100


Thanks for the suggestions. I'll  try to incorperate these suggestion to
form a new toc.

If we'll use this toc to start with something does anybody have some
ideas of putting up a collection of html files in which everybody can
add content?

On Tue, 2002-12-24 at 02:40, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> The TOC is really good, here are a couple more of ideas on how to have a
> bigger impact with the documentation:
> 	* Focus on Mono-specific bits first (or things that have emerged
> 	  in some way or other from Mono), then on generic .NET 
> 	  components.

That's the idea, Chapter 1 and 2 are only introduction stuff +
high-level overview /concepts (big picture) so that readers can
understand how everything works and how Mono and .Net relate.
Interesting for both Mono and .NET developers

> 	  Rationale: there are plenty of books, tutorials, quickstarts,
> 	  and training courses for the generic components of .NET


> For example, I would leave a C# tutorial out, because there are many of
> those.  It can still be done in the future, but we would not be giving
> enough attention to the unique elements of Mono (what is likely the
> information that people will be looking for).

"C# tutorial" are you refering to PART 4 of the doc? 
> Many of the Mono-born class libraries can be used in .NET and in Rotor
> [1]
> A few technologies that would be useful to document as part of this:
> 	* The various database providers.  

This could be incorperated in  CHAPTER 15 ADO.NET in Mono.
> 	  The System.Data hackers from Mono have created plenty of new
> 	  providers that are useful both to Mono and .NET, it would be
> 	  nice to have those new features documented.
> 	* Developing applications with Gtk#.
Sounds like a great chapter 
> 	  Gtk# is something that does not exist in the Windows world, so
> 	  its a great candidate to document.

> 	* API documentation for new Mono-born assemblies.
> 	* Debugging with the Mono debugger.
> 	* Using Mono to develop Unix applications.
> 	  Focusing on the development of applications for Unix using
> 	  Mono, which is a new universe for developers coming with a
> 	  Windows background.
sounds like new a part.

> 	* The various tools used during the build process for Mono
> 	  developers, tricks for programmers.
> 	* Deployment issues, integration with Makefiles
> 	  (automake/autoconf/nant).

> 	* Using the debugging interfaces to extract symbolic information
> 	  from programs at runtime.


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