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Alejandro Sánchez Acosta raciel@es.gnu.org
23 Dec 2002 23:45:52 +0000

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El lun, 23-12-2002 a las 21:50, Miguel de Icaza escribi=F3:
> Hello,
>    We should be thinking along the lines of who are we targeting with
> this documentation?   I think there are two groups of people:
> 	* Users of Mono technologies as a ready-to-use product.
> 	* Developers of Mono components.
>    The first group in the long run will probably consist of 95% of the
> user base, while the later will remain a small percentage.=20

OK, miguel, I havent though about the people that we are targeting, only
was thinking in treat all the posibles subjects and then talk about

I am according with you that some parts only are interesting for the

Anyway the toc that Felix has made that is too comprehensive and it
would be good to begin working in that line.

Good work Felix!

Alejandro Sanchez Acosta

raciel@es.gnu.org			         GNU Spain is not Unix.
raciel@gnome.org				 GNOME the GNU Desktop.

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