[Mono-docs-list] RE: Organizing docs, DocBook?

Norman Lorrain normanlorrain@telusplanet.net
Fri, 20 Dec 2002 08:43:01 -0700


Welcome aboard!

As you can see, we're still getting organized.  However, if you want to
start plugging away, pick a topic from the TOC and give it a shot.  (for
instance, what is Windows.Forms?)

We'll be using DocBook XML, see here for reference:

When we finalize the framework it should be easy to move your stuff into

> The TOC draft I've seen discussed on this list looks good.  We still
> to hammer down whether this documentation will consist of several
> documents following the same style guide, or whether it will be a big
> volume with dozens of chapters. (I'd prefer if it was the former:
> separate documents following the same style guide.)

It will be several documents.  Borges, etc. work this way.


Norman Lorrain

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