[Mono-docs-list] merging Gnome.net

Norman Lorrain normanlorrain@telusplanet.net
Wed, 18 Dec 2002 14:05:28 -0700

We definitely should try to merge it in somehow; there's some excellent
work there, it would be a shame to abandon it.

At a high level, we should be covering
- What is Mono?  (.Net framework, toolchain description)
- Installing Mono
- Developing on Win32
- Developing on Linux/Unix  (Gnome.net tutorial would go here)

I like the Java tutorials.  Many developers would be coming from Java; I
think it would be good to follow some of the examples set by Java

> I think we have a bit of overlap between this manual and the gnome.net
> tutorial.
> Have you guys read the java tutorial? That was one of my inspirations
> for the gnome.net tutorial original the mono tutorial.
> What do you think of a merge (renaming gnome.net tutorial --> mono
> tutorial? or a split, like only keeping gnome stuff in the gnome.net
> tutorial.
> If it was merged it would be a complete first place to go to program
> with mono on linux/gnome or maybe pragmatic programming with
> win32/mac/linux on gnome, qt, win32.
> But with a clear split, so we have generel stuff first, then a win32
> section a linux section a gnome section etc. Could be nice for people
> only working on one platform and know it good. Also for the
> he can concentrate on the specific section he know.
> --
> Martin Willemoes Hansen

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