[Mono-docs-list] "Start here" mono documentation - mono Redbook?

flixz@xs4all.nl flixz@xs4all.nl
Mon, 16 Dec 2002 15:57:08 +0100 (CET)

Hi Norman,

I just subscribed to the mono-docs list. I read your post concerning
the high level documentation overview.

I was wondering if you're working on it right now or want to start working
on it ?

I also want to contribute to the docs. Maybe we can work together on a
complete "start here document" ?

a little intro:
My name is Felix Faassen, live in the Netherlands, I have more then 4
years experience in developing
(internet) applications and writing (dutch) documentation. At the moment
I'm busy doing the .NET MSCD certification.
I'm not a hardcore coder (I sometimes consider this an advantage ;-) ) but
I am someone who has the ability to explain complex matters in a
accessible way.

From my personal experience I love it when I can just download one
documentation package and get up to speed. IBM Redbooks are a good example.

What about a MONO Redbook which includes the "start here" section ?

I (also) would like to pick up the existing idea of creating a high-level
document which is deep enough to get a developer up to speed. The post (
0102.html ) contains a table of contents. (are you using that TOC or have
you created another one?

Please let me know what you think of the idea to work together on a "Start
here document".

What about:

1. Creating a table of contents for the "Start here" document/ MONO Redbook
(if you don't have this al ready)
2. Analyzing all pieces of info all ready written and incorporating
the docs which apply/belong in this document and do not have a certain place.
3. Refining and complementing the document.

Take care,