[Mono-docs-list] MonoDoc Browser & MonoDoc Gtk# Tool

Raul Perez raul@web4linux.org
07 Aug 2002 19:39:16 +0200

On Wed, 2002-08-07 at 18:36, Hari Mailvaganam wrote:
> Raul:
> The monodoc status is still pretty preliminary - as far as I am aware. A
> number of us were working on this off-list.
> I will be happy tp help you jumpstart the process - let me know how you
> would like to proceed.
> Thanks,
> Hari

As I mentioned I'm looking to start an ASP.NET webapp/tool to browe
classes docs, something like MSDN or JavaDoc online documentation.
I've readed about this tool in go-mono.com frontpage.

I'm planning to use a control called xml under System.Web.UI.WebControls
to show xml documents. So I can start to play with this control and test

I'm reading too mono-doc-list archives and I also readed website
Documentation, Class Docs and Doc Format pages.
Looking at the cvs source tree I see that exists a directory (
mcs/docs/apidocs ) with a couple of of xmls but seems that these
documents has all his tags empty ( TODO ).

I supose that this documents will be written with the gui tool so I can
help a bit here too. I'm a newbie with C# so I'll start slowly.
I can do some work in internazionalitation and add support and some
examples in spanish ( my primary language ).

Thank you very much in advance :)