[Mono-dev] accessible mono for unity using a screen reader

Marvin Hunkin startrekcafe at gmail.com
Sun Mar 11 05:18:11 UTC 2018

Hi. Ding a course from http://www.upskilled.edu.au Certificate IV
Interactive Gaming and Digital Media. Now, got the unity visual studio
tools, but does any one know if there's templates for visual studio 2017.
Unity is sort of accessible, but could be made more accessible. Any one got
any ideas.



Ps: have tried contacting epic games and also unity, they say they will make
their software more accessible, but not a high priority. A small online
programming game community. So, any tech people, on bca, or on your org you
know of.

And unity does not have a  accessibility dept or section. So wonder, here we
go again, as these firms are based in the u.s.a, is it trying to get in
touch with legal dept for acb or nfb.


Ps: using visual studio 2017 community 2017 version 5.8, latest version,
using windows 10 64 bit pro on a Toshiba satellite pro. Got unity 2017.2
personal. So, can mono be made for accessible for a screen reader like jaws
from http://www.freedomscientific.com, it does not read that great. Also
using non visual desktop access (nvda) from http://www.nvaccess.org. so do I
just download the latest mono for windows 10, and then will it work from


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