[Mono-dev] Unable to Build Mono

Vishnu Kalapur vishnuk.2410 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 2 01:53:09 UTC 2018

Hi Katelyn,

Thank you for the help. I have attached the stdout from the failed build commands in the text file. I have already built the mono using cygwin and added the mono in path as well.

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Hi Vishnu,

Can you provide the stdout from those failed build commands? If you go to the Output tab in VS2017 and select ‘show output from: build’ the stdout will be near where the failed build step is.

If you’ve already built mono successfully using Cygwin, my guess is that mono is not being located to run those commands (due to not being in PATH) but I’m surprised that the exit code is different between culevel and Apigen.

Another option is to change the project settings for Apigen so that it builds in a .net framework compatible way, and change the build steps to run it directly – but that shouldn’t be necessary if you have a mono.exe.


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