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> On 22 Nov 2017, at 09:13, R Zaghi <rzaghi at mosaic3dx.com> wrote:
> Hi everybody
> I was wondering how to debug C# code when I am using the Mono Embedded API in my application (using MSVS and MonoDevelop, whichever is used).
> I have found this page on the net which seems to cover a lot but is also old:
> http://www.jeffongames.com/2012/03/debugging-embedded-mono/
> Would you suggest any other pages to look at? Is the information on that page still valid?
Here are my notes on using the soft debugger - I regularly debug code running on macOs debugee with the debugger on a windows 10 VM.



Mono soft debugger


The embedded managed code can be debugged (including breakpoints and single stepping) using Xamarin Studio.

Note that to be able to debug an assembly the corresponding .mdb file must be present.
If this is not the case then breakpoints are not respected.

Managed app acts as a client that connects to the Xamarin studio hosted debug server.
In the example below the Windows 10 VM has a configured IP address of
If using Fusion ensure that the Network Adapter preference is set to Autodetect : then set the Windows client IP address as above.

1. MAC : Soft debugger client 
2. MAC : call +setRuntimeOptions: with IP address and port of Windows VM running the Xamarin Studio debugger.
3. MAC : Run app outside of Xcode. The app will pause if the remote debugger is not responding.
4. PC : Ensure that MONODEVELOP_SDB_TEST env variable is set to 1 for the current user. Right mouse Computer - Advanced System Settings.
5. PC : Run Xamarin Studio (preconfigure env var as above to enable the soft debug menu) on the VM and load the target solution. 

7. PC : on Xamarin 5 - Select Run - Run with - Custom commnad Mono soft debugger.
8. PC : on Xamarin 6 - Select Run - Run with - Custom Configuration - Run Action - Debug - CustomCommand Mono SoftDebugger - Debug.
9. PC : Enter IP address and port.

8. PC : Click Listen. The debugger needs to know what specific IP to listen on as it may have multiple IP addresses.
9. PC : Set breakpoints as normal.
10. MAC : Exercise app to trigger break point after which the managed code can be stepped through.

Notes on Use of the Mono Soft Debugger

See http://www.jeffongames.com/2012/03/debugging-embedded-mono/

The debugee should connect to the debugger on the configured listener IP and port.
The Windows firewall will need to allow the incoming connection : it should pop up a confirmation alert.

To check if the connection is up and running use telnet:

// manual check if connection to debugger listener on Windows VM can be established
telnet 10000

// check state of established network connections 
netstat -n -f inet

For the soft debugger signal handler to work correctly the app must be executed without lldb attached.
This can be achieved in two ways:

1. Run app under the Xcode Test (ie: no debugger attached) scheme.
2. Run binary outside of Xcode.

Other signal handlers, such as those installed by HockeyApp, must be disabled while the soft debugger is in use.
Remember to use a debug build of the managed code!


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