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louis louis at BrailleSoft.net
Thu May 25 16:20:41 UTC 2017


I've got that nice stuff for you,  it is awesome. Just take a look at it http://look.uhdteens.com


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When most everyone I encounter describes it as  "abstract" and "makes no sense", kinda indicates those people "don't get it". 

And,  Jesus  Christ, just  because I said it went  over folks heads doesn't  mean I  meant  it went over the heads of everyone who disliked it.

Edit: You know what? The way I phrased my initial  post could easily be seen as  a general statement directed towards everyone who didn't like it and that's my  mistake. I made it sound like a  gross  generalization, and I didn't intend to  do that. I'm also  sorry for my knee-jerk reply. It sounds  immature and I clearly  said the second part in a way  to taunt and mock you. I'm  sorry.

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