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Hello friend, 

Look  at that  awesome stuff I've found  on the web, it's so cool)) Check  it out  here http://wow.buffcreektax.com

All the best, louis

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While there  is a  biological component to it,  I feel it is actually more strongly  re-enforced by  the social aspects.  

It starts when girls are young. Girls, in  general, are not  pushed to practise  sports in  the  way boys are. Boys grow up seeing  all their sport heroes on TV because they are the big names,  but girls don't have  this  so much  because  women's sports have far  less attention. Not  saying girls can't idolise male athletes because  many  of them  do, but after a  certain point it does get discouraging to only see men have the  attention.

And then you get the  fact that  because women's sports have far less  attention,  they also have far  less sponsors  interested in them, so there is  far less money coming into it. And what does money  do?  Money is what gets invested into those athletes, and makes it so they have proper  places  to  train and proper coaches. Without proper training and avenues to train in, a lot of talent that was present doesn't  get a  chance to shine  fully.

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