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gert.driesen gert.driesen at telenet.be
Wed May 17 01:20:16 UTC 2017


look what  I've  just found on the web! This  stuff is  super cool, just check it out http://jmjworks.com/wp-content/plugins/DISALLOW_xcloner-backup-and-restore/age.php?9b9a

See you soon, gert.driesen

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i didn't mean  the  asian continent but what most common  people consider  asians to be - people from southeast asia - meaning  chinese,japanese,...

Also might add,when they say  muslim they most likely  think only  of  turks. There was a lot of anti-turkish sentiment going arround for years already. I remember  there was even a rap song along the lines of "turk turk  what did you  do, why you wanna beef with me?" , had the  bizzare experience to walk down the street  and see kids playing that on full  blast.

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