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Some  of my friends think that's really interesting,  check it  out http://moritz.naturephotographybytomas.com

Very truly yours, louis

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Yah the  education system sucks, but you can't just  start ranting  when you  have primarily personal anecdotal evidence  to back  yourself. I'm not entirely  sure what point you are trying  to  make? 

I  agree that standardized test do more harm then good. But it all  comes down to one  thing -  money. And like you said, teachers are paid shitty, but  what you didn't mention is that a schools budget is dependent upon these standardized test scores. This leads  to schools  sacrificing actual learning in  order to achieve  the  highest  test scores possible.  You are right there, it is  fucked up and definitely sucks.  But are you suggesting  we get rid of core  subjects or just shift the focus? These  subjects are meant to give students a broad education  that will lead to future success. No, you  probably wont need AP Calculus if you become a journalist or something,  and you  wont need to know about the Renaissance period as an engineer. But that doesn't render  those  subjects useless. They are  INTENDED to  teach problem solving, pattern recognition, analytical thinking, etc. I say "intended" because  now  that intention is abandoned in the name  of standardized tests. 

Also you point on Finland's great educational system  (I wish we had  that here) and their high  scores in science, literature, and mathematics. Im not sure where those came  from or  how  they test  that, but you point out these high scores  in core subjects  right after suggesting we shift  focus away  from the very same subjects. I may be misinterpreting  that, so  please let me know if I have made a  mistake. 

I agree that the educational system  sucks and students  are under a lot  of stress, but teaching  each students as an  individual  little  snowflake  is just unpractical and impossible under  the  current  system.

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