[Mono-dev] GSOC 2017 Microsoft .NET and Mono integration - Import ThreadPool from CoreRT

Ludovic Henry luhenry at microsoft.com
Wed Mar 29 15:52:10 UTC 2017

Hi Alexander,

I left a comment on your proposal, and please submit a proposal on the GSoC website too at https://summerofcode.withgoogle.com/

Thank you very much!

On 29 Mar 2017, at 09:39, Александр Ефремов <aedampir at gmail.com<mailto:aedampir at gmail.com>> wrote:

Hello Ludovic,

I'm Alexander Efremov, I wrote to you an email about importing of ThreadPool from CoreRT.


I decided to choose importing synchronization primitives () but I have some questions about this task.

1. I created proposal and share it on Google Docs: Proposal<https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-TON6jKTV_RSOK-6mE3oDq2__w1aNfggbP4uajVw2Tc/edit?usp=sharing>. It is a draft of course and I have some difficulties with time schedule. Now it is quite scratchy time schedule. I will be appriciated if you add some comments and suggestions for it and help to make it in more fine grained.

2. Question about WaitHandle class: in order to import these three primitives (EventWaitHandle, Mutex, Semaphore) we have to import WaitHandle class firstly. It is quite huge class and I prefer to start import this in community bounding period. Can I do so? It is like some preliminary work that require as much time as possible.

3. There are two inheritors of EventWaitHandle - ManualResetEvent and AutoResetEvent. Should we import them too as part of GSoC?

For any trouble with google doc sharing, I attached offline version of my proposal.

Best regards,
Alexander Efremov.


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