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Ludovic Henry luhenry at microsoft.com
Tue Mar 28 14:14:55 UTC 2017

Hi Giorgos,

There are already a few other students interested in these projects, so I would like to suggest you some others:

  *   Import System.Console from CoreFX
  *   Import System.IO.MemoryMappedFiles.MemoryMappedFile from CoreFX
  *   Import System.IO.Pipes.PipeStream from CoreFX

All these projects are equally important to us, and we would love to see them all land in mono.

Thank you,

On 27 Mar 2017, at 19:17, Γιώργος Αθανασόπουλος <geotha1995 at gmail.com<mailto:geotha1995 at gmail.com>> wrote:

I'm interested for the three in which you are mentor.

  *   Import ThreadPool from CoreRT
Import System.IO.FileStream from CoreFX
Import Process from CoreFX

I have experience in Operation Systems elements from course of university. I have implemented some projects which are using File Streams, Processes and Threads. I can share them with you if you want.
Also as Microsoft student partner, I know about Microsoft's technologies such .NET,C#,Xamarin and I have some projects on them as well.

The combination of above reasons, makes me to think that I can help for this job.
What else would you want to know about me? It will be pleasant for me to answer every question of you.

Thank you for your time


2017-03-27 20:47 GMT+03:00 Ludovic Henry <luhenry at microsoft.com<mailto:luhenry at microsoft.com>>:
Hi Giorgios,

Which project in particular would you be interested to work on?

Thank you,

> On 27 Mar 2017, at 13:37, Γιώργος Αθανασόπουλος <geotha1995 at gmail.com<mailto:geotha1995 at gmail.com>> wrote:
> Hello,
> I am George Athanasopoulos and I have applied participation for Google Summer of Code. I have attached my CV. I am really interesting for your ideas to Mono project.  I want to know more about it. I would like to discuss about what do you require for this project and what I can offer.  So maybe we can cooperate together for the best result.
> Will be my pleasure to come in contact with you.
> Yours sincerely,
> Giorgios Athanasopoulos
> <CV-Athanasopoulos-George.pdf>

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