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Kevin Avignon kevin.o.avignon at gmail.com
Fri Mar 17 15:25:28 UTC 2017


My name is Kevin Avignon. Two years ago, I did some work for the
organization under Mike Krueger supervision. I've worked on porting FxCop
analyzer/code fix providers to update what was known as NRefactory 5 to

This year, since Mono Project is back in the GSOC program, I wanted to
participate again. I'm really interested by the following projects :

   code complexity metrics
   Auto-Documentation System

The first one could make more sense since I've already have some experience
working with the Roslyn API but working with natural language processing
looks really interesting too.

The purpose of the message is that I wanted to show first hand my interest
towards those two projects and wanted to know with the profile I'll give
later in this email, which project I would be better suited for !

A quick look into my background. I've done three internships in .NET; one
where I did a csv parsing tool to generate performance reports in Excel
with summary tables and charts to explain what occurred during the
execution of web requests.

In the second one, I worked closely with Roslyn (the .NET compiler) to
perform code analysis on source code. With Roslyn, it's possible to analyze
and refactor code through analyzers and code fix providers; I've done both.

In my last internship, I did code code architecture re-design to reduce
coupling in 5 libraries for unit access control (security company). Through
that internship, that first started as full-time for four months and then
moved to a part-time position, I got to work with functional programming
with F# for 8 months. I had to integrate a license plate hardware camera
into a our software product used for remote access control to grant access
to known license plates.

My last real project I worked with was last fall when I designed and
implemented (not fully) a tactical role playing game library in functional
programming with F# and Akka.NET where you can find a merchant system, a
shared inventory amongst the members of a team, the AI of the units
(implemented with Q-Learning) and an "exhaustive" domain model for the
arsenal.The project's name is SmarTac

Other than that, I have my blog where I talk about software development and
I try to be as active as possible on stackoverflow.

Thank you for your time !

Kevin Avignon
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