[Mono-dev] Mono Embeded : class field initialization problem

Damien maitredede at gmail.com
Mon Jun 26 02:48:13 UTC 2017


I am embeding Mono 5.0.1 in a native app. I have noticed a strange thing.
I have compiled an assembly (Library project, targeting framework 4.6.2)
with Visual Studio 2017 (with legacy csproj format).
In my class, I have fields that are writter like this :
class SoClassy
    private readonly ClassyAlso myField = new ClassyAlso();

    public SoClassy() { }

In my native code, I have :
MonoObject* obj = mono_object_new(domain, klass);

It seams that in that case, the field is null.

When written this way, it works :
class SoClassy
    private readonly ClassyAlso myField;

    public SoClassy()
         myField = new ClassyAlso()

Is it related to VS2017 compiler ? or Mono does not handle field
initialization properly ?

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