[Mono-dev] Lack of information using mono with valgrind

Pierre-Louis PREVOST plprevost at sii.fr
Tue Jun 6 20:32:29 UTC 2017

Dear community members, 

I try investigating memory leaks on a program that I wrote in C# which is executed under mono 4.2.4. 
To reach that aim: 
- I downloaded the valgrind sources (version 3.12) from valgrind.org and successfully compiled & installed it on my platform which is running under OS Linux x86. 
- I compiled my C# program using xbuild and "DebugSymbols" property set to true 
- I launched the executable using the following commands: 

export G_SLICE=always-malloc 
export G_DEBUG=gc-friendly 
valgrind --tool=memcheck -v --leak-check=full --show-leak-kinds=all --log-file=log.${PID} --smc-check=all --suppressions=mono.supp --main-stacksize=1250000000 mono --debug --runtime=v4.0 --config myProgram.exe.config myProgram.exe 

Now I expect to see some valgrind reports in the log file indicating me what function(s) from the source leaks and how much. 
But instead of that, I only see memory leaks from mono and not further. It looks like mono is filtering the information from the applicative and only gives me insufficiant details in terms of granularity. 

For instance, I get this stack from valgrind: 

==30182== Use of uninitialised value of size 4 
==30182== at 0x825FC15: GC_base (in /opt/myPath/bin/mono-boehm) 
==30182== by 0x825D431: GC_mark_and_push_stack (in /opt/myPath/bin/mono-boehm) 
==30182== by 0x825D5A4: GC_push_all_eager (in /opt/myPath/bin/mono-boehm) 
==30182== by 0x8265E16: GC_push_all_stacks (in /opt/myPath/bin/mono-boehm) 
==30182== by 0x825ED21: GC_mark_some (in /opt/myPath/bin/mono-boehm) 
==30182== by 0x8258017: GC_stopped_mark (in /opt/myPath/bin/mono-boehm) 
==30182== by 0x8258416: GC_try_to_collect_inner (in /opt/myPath/bin/mono-boehm) 
==30182== by 0x825871B: GC_collect_or_expand (in /opt/myPath/bin/mono-boehm) 
==30182== by 0x8258BAF: GC_allocobj (in /opt/myPath/bin/mono-boehm) 
==30182== by 0x825BDC5: GC_generic_malloc_inner (in /opt/myPath/bin/mono-boehm) 
==30182== by 0x825BE79: GC_generic_malloc (in /opt/myPath/bin/mono-boehm) 
==30182== by 0x825C07A: GC_malloc (in /opt/myPath/bin/mono-boehm) 

This basically tells me that mono uses (4 bytes ??) of uninitialised value right? 
Shall I conclude that mono is leaking? (which I doubt). Or shall I conclude that my program is leaking but mono cannot tell me which namespace/function is leaking? (which I most likely presume). 
Do I use the right options of valgrind? If not, what should I use instead? 
Do I have to recompile valgrind using mcs? If it's the case how? 

Thank you in advance, 
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