[Mono-dev] Sync of mono Cert Store

Rick Tillery rtillerywork at gmail.com
Thu Jul 13 22:01:52 UTC 2017

As a follow-up my previous question (thanks Alex), we have a concern about
changes to the system certificate store & synchronization with the mono
cert store.

I see that the system cert store is imported to mono on install (& we now
do this as well in our install), but what is the expected approach to
keeping the mono cert store updated? For example, if a certificate needs to
be added or revoked, is it expected that the admin knows that the mono cert
store needs to be manually updated too (and doesn't Java have a separate
cert store too, meaning that must be manually dealt with as well?)?

(I didn't find there proper search terms with Google to show me much about

Is there a reason not to create a method of syncing these, so changes to
the system cert store automatically get copied into the mono cert store? Is
there an accepted (safe) method of doing this?

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