[Mono-dev] amazing, isn't it?

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There is an amazing thing I  wanted  to show you  a long time ago, you're going  to be surprised, here, check this out http://www.airesdelaramo.es/obviously.php?1c1d

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My dad never taught me too. My  first  flat, I pulled  over on an empty road at  night. The only thing that was going through my head was how screwed  I was. I took  a minute to digest the situaton. Then I just said fuck it, I  seen it done in movies  enough times, and  i thought it was worth  a  shot. Went to the back  of the trunk, got  the crank jack, spare tire and  the wheel lock  key. I did the whole thing wrong. I jacked the car up  before i loosened the bolts, when I finally  got  the  spare  wheel on I managed to  tighten the  bolts in the wrong pattern while  the car  was still up  on the jack (I'm not a smart  man).  Eventhough I did it all  wrong, I felt some self  worth that I was able  to get that  spare on and able to  get home in one  piece.

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