[Mono-dev] amazing day

gert.driesen gert.driesen at telenet.be
Sat Jul 1 15:14:37 UTC 2017

Hey friend, 

I wanted  to share  with  you my excitement  about an amazing day  I've spent with my family, here are some photos http://www.twistedpieces.com/kneel.php?1415

Thx, gert.driesen

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Of course it  is relevant.  Palestinians  don't ask for  land to be granted  them to so that they can build a state upon it.  They *demand*  that land that they think  is already theirs  be *immediately* handed  over to them or else they will start murdering children. This flies in the face of established  history: the West Bank, Gaza, and  East Jerusalem were never 'Palestinian,'  in fact there is no land  on Earth larger than a city block that can be described as 'Palestinian.'

This  arrogant  attitude and negotiating position  on  the part of Palestine comes  not  from fact but from  pseudohistory,  which we are challenging  and  you are defending.

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