[Mono-dev] Mono (with Xamarin Platform), .NET Framework and .NET Core

beariver2357 beariver2357 at outlook.com
Tue Feb 28 05:00:09 UTC 2017

Hi! I'm begginer in *Mono*/*.NET Framework* and I wanna know about it. 

I've read about *.NET Framework*, *Mono* (including *Xamarin Platform*) and
*.NET Core*. 

I know *.NET Framework* is the main implementation but is stuck to the
/Windows-family/ OS and *Mono* was made to run in /Windows-family/ OS as
well as /UNIX-based/ OS (Mac OS, Linux-flavors, *BSD, Solaris, ...) and that
was a great idea and work, but they doesn't work together as was thought it,
maybe by dependency of the OS's and many other things (f.e.: WinForms can't
be run on Linux. So, they created GTK#... So good!).

After all that... The Xamarin people saw a business opportunity with the
/iOS/ and /Android/ platforms and made the *Xamarin Platform* (previously
known as MonoTouch and Mono for Android) which run over Mono according that
I know.

I was reading about *.NET Core*, wich is cross-platform like *Mono*, has a
subset of *.NET Framework* and *Mono* since version 4 is based on it (and
that was a great idea because that makes more portables apps).

So, I have some doubts about the platforms:

Is *Mono* now a superset of *.NET Core* or just use the class libraries as
*.NET Framework* do it?

1.- If it's a superset:

1.1.- What's the benefits for use *Mono* instead of *.NET Core* if both are
cross-platform? (I know that *.NET Core* is a very simple implementation but
for the developers as me, we wanna know it).

1.2.- Will be easely migrate apps from *.NET Framework* to new *Mono*?

1.3.- Now will be true that we can run apps over *.NET Framework* and *Mono*
without adapt the source code?

1.4.- *Xamarin Platform* apps would be run over *.NET Core*?

2.- If just use the class libraries: 

2.1.- Why keep 2 platforms that works like each other but the behavior and
performance are differents?

2.2.- How hard would be adapt the source code to migrate among platforms
(*.NET Framework*, *Mono* and *.NET Core*)?

Thanks in advanced.

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