[Mono-dev] Internal runtime documentation with Doxygen

Jon Purdy jopur at microsoft.com
Tue Feb 7 00:26:41 UTC 2017

We’ve recently added initial support for building Doxygen documentation[1]. The master docs are currently available on Jenkins[2]. We intend to set up a central location online where these docs are deployed, as a convenient way to browse the runtime code. My hope is that this helps new developers and people unfamiliar with different parts of the runtime.

But first, many comments need to be updated to use Doxygen syntax in order to produce useful docs. It wouldn’t be very productive for me to do all of this myself, so I propose that when we change some code, we make sure that if the code is documented, then its documentation appears correctly in the Doxygen output.

I am not proposing that we write new documentation at this time, only verify the docs we already have and get them ready for deployment.

You can also build the docs locally with “make doxygen -C docs” in the Mono repository, then open “docs/doxygen-output/index.html” to view the results. (This can take several minutes.)

Questions, comments, and objections are welcome. :)

[1]: https://github.com/mono/mono/pull/1383
[2]: https://jenkins.mono-project.com/job/test-mono-mainline-staticanalysis/

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