[Mono-dev] FileSystemWatcher Specific Implementation Check

Rick Tillery rtillerywork at gmail.com
Tue Aug 29 21:05:25 UTC 2017

it mentions:

The Mono implementation of FileSystemWatcher has a number of backends, the
most optimal one, the one with fewer dependencies is the inotify-backend
(available in Mono 1.1.17 and newer versions).

With this backend the kernel provides Mono with updates on any changes to
files on the file system but it requires an inotify-enabled kernel, which
only newer Linux distributions ship.

In older Linux systems, you must have installed FAM or Gamin (it will work
with either one). You might need the -devel packets installed.

For the *BSD family, there’s a Kqueue based implementation that will be
used when detected at runtime.

If none of the above work, Mono falls back to polling the directories for
changes, which far from optimal.

Is there any way to determine, on a given system, which backend is being

Specifically, I have to support a large number of Linux distros and
versions going back a number of years, so I need to know that none of them
are using polling.

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