[Mono-dev] PPC issue – Mono 4.4.2

Bernhard Urban beurba at microsoft.com
Wed Sep 14 17:36:14 UTC 2016

Hi Mukund,

you can use `MONO_VERBOSE_METHOD' to get debug output by the JIT compiler:

MONO_VERBOSE_METHOD="System.Math::Ceiling" mono -O=-aot <your_exe>.exe

among other things, that should show you the generated code.  I don't have access to my PPC hardware right now, I can look into it in a week.


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I have built a ppc version of mono 4.4.2.
I cann  run it fine on x86_64 and ppc64 but not on ppc.
The piece that fails is: Math.Ceiling() function call.

using System;
class Program
        static void Main()
                double ceiling1 = Math.Ceiling(123.256);

On ppc, I get this
# mono test.exe

Does anyone have any idea on why this fails. Is this a know issue?
Any recommendations on where there problem could be. I am suspecting JIT but entirely sure how to debug it.

Any help resolving this issue would be huge.
Please ask if you need any more info.

Mukund J

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