[Mono-dev] Info request about MapWindow 5 running on Mono Linux and MacOSX

Timotheus Pokorra timotheus.pokorra at solidcharity.com
Thu Oct 20 09:13:40 UTC 2016

Hello Roberto,

> I am new of this mail-list, and I don't know if is this the right for my
> question (in case not, I excuse...).
Welcome to the list!

the mono-devel list is "dedicated to discussions about developing Mono itself"

So your question would make more sense on the mono-list:
"General discussion about Mono. If you are using Mono to run your
program(s), this is your list."

But now that you have asked:
> BTW, I need infos about current status of running  MapWindow 5  gis program
> using Mono on Linux and/or MacOSX.

> Could you please send me some link where this argument is discussed and who
> eventually is testing  MapWindow 5 on the above platforms ?

I don't fully understand.
First I thought you should ask the guys developing MapWindow 5, but
then I see you are part of the team.
And on your blog you claim it works on Mac?
So the question is: does it work or not? Do you find any issues?
Is the application written with Mono in mind?
What technology does it use for the window system? GTK#, or Winforms?

Or are you asking in general, how to port a .NET application from
Windows to Mono?

We should continue this discussion on the mono-list, so I crosspost there.

All the best,

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