[Mono-dev] xbuild crash with mono 4.6.1?

David Evans devans at pacificbiosciences.com
Wed Oct 19 23:20:49 UTC 2016

Thanks, Vlad. I did check that first and though xbuild uses an insane amount of memory there still was tons left when it crashed. I did some profiling yesterday to confirm and it’s crashing when there are still gigs of physical memory available plus all of the swap. Which is why I suspected some kind of heap corruption as a more likely cause.

I just noticed that I was testing against the source package, I can try as well. I can also try earlier builds of 4.x to see where it might have been introduced, but that will take me some time. Sounds like this is not a known issue to folks here?

I did just find two open Bugzilla reports that looks similar but not exactly the same, against 4.6.0, but without any resolution or diagnosis yet. I just added notes to these:

And also this building in XS reported for 4.6.0:


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Hello David,

    Based on the crash site, it would seem that we fail to allocate memory from the OS, which means we have an OOM situation, which we poorly handle as of right now.

     Could you check whether this is the case, whether there are mono instances that use more memory than expected. You could consider trying to limit the heap from growing too much by passing MONO_GC_PARAMS=soft-heap-limit=<heap_limit>, unless something is leaking.


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Subject: [Mono-dev] xbuild crash with mono 4.6.1?

I just started building and testing with mono 4.6.1 and I’m seeing an intermittent crash (memory corruption?) now during the build. Happens for me about one time out of ten. Anyone else seeing this or is there a solution already available that I could patch with? We have a fairly large project which uses a lot of memory, but I haven’t seen anything like this building with or when I tried out 4.2.x or 4.3.x Thanks!

Appears to be crashing in sgen when allocating, hence my corruption guess.
Full traces here:

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