[Mono-dev] CoreFX/CoreCLR dependencies

Marek Safar marek.safar at gmail.com
Thu Oct 6 15:59:30 UTC 2016


I'd like to share some plans we have for integration of more dotnet code.
In 2014 we started replacing large chunks of Mono code with referencesource
sources. This process has been going quite well and it has improved .NET
compatibility and Mono quality significantly.

Referencesource is read-only copy of the .NET framework sources which have
very high backward compatibility requirements, for historical reasons
Windows specific and does not operate in open source mode. [

CoreFX/CoreCLR are true open source projects with performance improvements,
multi-platform support, legacy code cleaned up, unit tests. [

We’d like to take benefits of that code and where appropriate (think of
compatibility) take source code from CoreFX/CoreRT [1] repositories. CoreFX
uses xUnit framework and Mono is using NUnit-like frameworks which means
we’ll have to migrate before any tests can be used as maintaining two
different test frameworks does not appear to me as good solution.

As both are open source project I’d like to see Mono changes (when needed)
to go into these repos and only when not possible have our forks at
https://github.com/mono/corefx and https://github.com/mono/corert used. I
don’t know yet what cadency we’ll use to update these forks as it mostly
depends on what code we’ll end up using.

- Marek

[1] Why CoreRT and not CoreCLR? We are interested in mscorlib code only and
this repo is much smaller to submodule. There is some talk to have mscorlib
specific repo in the future but that’s not available yet.
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