[Mono-dev] Mono-on-Emscripten (JavaScript) experiment

Massimiliano Mantione massimiliano.mantione at gmail.com
Tue Nov 22 12:03:39 UTC 2016

This is an interesting work :-)

Just to point it out in case you were not aware of it: Unity3D solved
exactly the same issues in a different way.

They use a "il2cpp" compiler instead of the Mono AOT compiler (it is a
proprietary tool they wrote that compiles IL to c++ code).
Apart from that they also compile the Mono runtime (and also the Unity3D
engine!) to asm.js, but they are using a different GC.
They *can* support exceptions but they are so slow to be unusable in

Which means that what you are attempting can be done, and has actually
already been done (in a slightly different way).

Good luck!
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