[Mono-dev] Implementing support of MPTCP Socket API in mono

Alexander Köplinger alkpli at microsoft.com
Mon Nov 14 14:07:49 UTC 2016


The .csproj files are auto-generated and not used by the Mono build. You need to edit the .sources file, e.g. in mcs/class/System/System.dll.sources.
As a best practice, don’t add new classes in mcs/class/referencesource since the folder contains code we copy in from the referencesource repository. A better place is the mcs/class/System/System.Net<http://system.net> folder.

- Alex

On 14 Nov 2016, at 14:41, Antoine Cailliau <antoinecailliau at gmail.com<mailto:antoinecailliau at gmail.com>> wrote:


I'm patching mono to support MPTCP Socket API. I'll use this thread to group my questions. My implementation is very similar to the one supporting Linger options.

I added new classes in /mono/mcs/class/referencesource/System/net/System/Net/Sockets, for example MPTCPSubIds.cs. I updated the cproj file to reference my class. I can't, however, reference it in my code. Indeed, it is not present in the compiled System.dll.

I can create an instance at runtime using mono_class_load_from_name and mono_object_new_checked.

My guess it that I miss a file to update in order to make it available in System.dll.

Thanks in advance,

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