[Mono-dev] Oracle .net core provider

Daniel Morgan linqdan2000 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 11 14:44:42 UTC 2016

I took Mono Project's System.Data.OracleClient implementation and modified it for .net core.  It works on .net core via visual studio 2015 on a Windows 10 64-bit machine with a local Oracle 12c database.  Feel free to fork it.  

This was done in one evening to get it to build and run.  It will need to be reviewed and cleaned up.

Some notes:
- string.Copy does not exist in .net core so i just called ToString or set a reference.  So, i need to re-visit that code in oci define handles and parameters.
- no DataTable so a lot of code for getting schema and db data adapter was commented.
- string.Compare(string, string, bool, globalization) did not exist but Compare(string, string, bool does.
- remove all design-time component attributes 
- added various usings for the different namespaces for some stuff
- added reference to System.Data.Common
- I may have added SqlClient as well for SqlTypes.INullable.  Added other references to satisfy errors.



What would it take to build a EF Core provider for Oracle?

Been awhile since i played with Mono.
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