[Mono-dev] High threadpool CPU usage

Ludovic Henry ludovic at xamarin.com
Thu May 26 15:43:29 UTC 2016

Hi Chris,

The first stacktrace you are observing is for threadpool thread parking. We
use this technique for threads that are currently not doing anything, to
keep them around for a little while (5-60 seconds) so if we have burst of
usage, we do not end up destroying and creating threads all the time.

The second stacktrace you are observing is, as you noted, when performing a
garbage collection, when the GC thread is suspending all the running
threads. So if you are witnessing this trace very often, it means a thread
is allocating memory very quickly triggering GC collection very often.

So I would need more information to tell you exactly why it would use 100%
CPU. Also which version of Mono are you running?

Thank you very much,

On Wed, May 25, 2016 at 8:30 PM Chris Swiedler <cswiedler at trionworlds.com>

> We have a server app which is periodically going into a mode where all
> threadpool threads start running at very high CPU. I've run pstack when
> it's in this mode, and every time I do it, nearly all the threadpool
> threads have this stack:
> #0  pthread_cond_timedwait@@GLIBC_2.3.2 () at
> ../nptl/sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/x86_64/pthread_cond_timedwait.S:238
> #1  0x0000000000618817 in mono_cond_timedwait_ms (cond=cond at entry=0x7fe7ee1fddc0,
> mutex=0x241eb78, timeout_ms=<optimized out>) at mono-mutex.c:181
> #2  0x0000000000586f28 in worker_park () at threadpool-ms.c:509
> #3  worker_thread (data=<optimized out>) at threadpool-ms.c:607
> #4  0x00000000005841e9 in start_wrapper_internal (data=<optimized out>) at
> threads.c:725
> #5  start_wrapper (data=<optimized out>) at threads.c:772
> #6  0x0000000000621026 in inner_start_thread (arg=0x7fe831df4650) at
> mono-threads-posix.c:97
> #7  0x00007fe88a55edf5 in start_thread (arg=0x7fe7ee1fe700) at
> pthread_create.c:308
> #8  0x00007fe88a28c1ad in clone () at
> ../sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/x86_64/clone.S:113
> Usually one thread will have a stack like this:
> #0  sem_wait () at ../nptl/sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/x86_64/sem_wait.S:85
> #1  0x000000000061aa37 in mono_sem_wait (sem=0x9542c0
> <suspend_ack_semaphore>, alertable=alertable at entry=0) at
> mono-semaphore.c:107
> #2  0x00000000005c77bd in sgen_wait_for_suspend_ack (count=count at entry=18)
> at sgen-os-posix.c:188
> #3  0x00000000005c78f9 in sgen_thread_handshake (suspend=suspend at entry=1)
> at sgen-os-posix.c:224
> #4  0x00000000005c7e92 in sgen_client_stop_world
> (generation=generation at entry=0) at sgen-stw.c:234
> #5  0x00000000005e6aca in sgen_stop_world (generation=0) at sgen-gc.c:3389
> #6  0x00000000005e6c29 in sgen_perform_collection (requested_size=4096,
> generation_to_collect=0, reason=0x6d9595 "Nursery full", wait_to_finish=0)
> at sgen-gc.c:2322#7  0x00000000005da62a in sgen_alloc_obj_nolock
> (vtable=vtable at entry=0x7fe85c0343c0, size=size at entry=128) at
> sgen-alloc.c:291
> #8  0x00000000005da913 in sgen_alloc_obj (vtable=vtable at entry=0x7fe85c0343c0,
> size=128) at sgen-alloc.c:457
> #9  0x00000000005c86e9 in mono_gc_alloc_obj (vtable=vtable at entry=0x7fe85c0343c0,
> size=<optimized out>) at sgen-mono.c:936
> #10 0x00000000005a8b54 in mono_object_new_alloc_specific
> (vtable=vtable at entry=0x7fe85c0343c0) at object.c:4385
> #11 0x00000000005a8bf0 in mono_object_new_specific (vtable=0x7fe85c0343c0)
> at object.c:4379
> #12 0x00000000005a8c8c in mono_object_new (domain=domain at entry=0x1ded1c0,
> klass=<optimized out>) at object.c:4318
> #13 0x00000000005ac1c9 in mono_async_result_new (domain=domain at entry=0x1ded1c0,
> handle=handle at entry=0x0, state=0x0, data=data at entry=0x0,
> object_data=object_data at entry=0x7fe8838af020) at object.c:5768
> #14 0x00000000005887ff in mono_threadpool_ms_begin_invoke
> (domain=0x1ded1c0, target=target at entry=0x7fe8838aee38, method=method at entry=0x2963d28,
> params=params at entry=0x7fe7ed9f8f10) at threadpool-ms.c:1300
> #15 0x000000000054b547 in mono_delegate_begin_invoke
> (delegate=0x7fe8838aee38, params=0x7fe7ed9f8f10) at marshal.c:2111
> #16 0x00000000416d29d8 in ?? ()
> #17 0x0000000000000000 in ?? ()
> Just from reading the first stack, it doesn't look like
> mono_cond_timedwait_ms would spin, at least as long as the timeout_ms
> wasn't 0. For the second stack, I don't know whether that's a normal
> garbage collection pass or (since we see it frequently) a sign that garbage
> collection is happening too often.
> Can anyone give me some pointers for where to dig more deeply?
> Thanks,
> chris
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