[Mono-dev] Diagnosing "Invalid IL code"

Gary Briggs chunky at icculus.org
Fri May 13 17:46:53 UTC 2016

On Thu, May 12, 2016 at 09:06:18PM +0200, Alexander Köplinger wrote:
> As far as I know there isn't a fully integrated way to use this from
> monodevelop yet even though the upcoming 6.0 release uses roslyn internally
> for intellisense etc though, but at build time it just calls xbuild which
> uses the Mono compilers.

I'm not actually wedded to monodevelop at all. Mostly I just want to
be able to build from a .vbproj

> We do have a preview release on OSX that includes the open sourced msbuild
> with roslyn included, I'm not sure what the Linux plans for that are right
> now (
> https://github.com/Microsoft/msbuild/releases/tag/mono-hosted-msbuild-v0.2
> should work with current Mono but I know it breaks with the upcoming
> release).
> So lots of stuff in the making, but not an easy to use solution right now :)

Fair enough. I do have a working toolchain for now [going via a Windows
system], but my problem is that when binaries from there crashe in mono,
I don't get a viable stack trace out [filenames and line numbers are
missing]. It's making it pretty hard to debug some issues; is there a
simple fix for that?


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