[Mono-dev] System.SR

Alexander Köplinger alexander.koeplinger at xamarin.com
Wed Mar 30 12:07:12 UTC 2016

The SR class is autogenerated in the corefx build from
Resources/Strings.resx in each project with an msbuild task:

The referencesources uses a similar pattern although most strings are
stored in a .txt there and we used a tool to turn that into the .cs:
For a library I've ported from corefx I manually added the SR class: (

- Alex

2016-03-28 18:38 GMT+02:00 Neale Ferguson <neale at sinenomine.net>:

> I am looking at incorporating the CoreFx System.Data.SqlClient into mono
> and in examining the code have come across references to the System.SR
> namespace. I am not familiar with this and it seems not to exist elsewhere
> in either the reference sources or mono sources.
> Neale
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