[Mono-dev] Unsafe code performance on Mono

Sergio Luis Para sluisp at codicesoftware.com
Thu Feb 4 10:53:21 UTC 2016

Is there a way to improve unsafe code performance on Mono to the levels it performs on Windows?

I'm trying to speed up on GNU/Linux and OS X hosts a LZ4 (a compression algorithm) C# unsafe implementation (available here https://github.com/MiloszKrajewski/lz4net/tree/master/src/LZ4pn) to the levels it performs on Windows. While on Windows this unsafe implementation is almost as fast as the native DLL compiled from C source (roughly ~75ms of difference in some hosts while compressing 100MB), the same code performs almost 3x slower on Linux and OS X than its native .so or .dylib wrapper counterparts.

I was wondering if I'm missing some obscure optimization flag. I faced this performance problem on Mono 4 and Mono 3.2.8

Thanks for your responses.
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