[Mono-dev] [SIGNAL] Segfault in native function called by managed code

Raphael Boissel raphael.boissel at gmail.com
Fri Sep 4 10:15:00 UTC 2015


I have one little question on the way mono currently handles/uses the
SEGFAULT signal on Unix OSes.

Currently, and correct me if I'm wrong, either the segfault has been
raised by a managed function and in this case it is handled as a
genuine exception for instance a nullRefException or if it is triggered
by native code the entire program is stopped and a stacktrace is

However it seems that mono also follow the second behavior for
native code that has been invoked inside managed code,
where I would have expected an AccessViolationException.

Is there any specific reasons why this behavior is followed, or is it
just an implementation choice ?

(sorry about the potential double post I sent it first with a
e-mail address)


Raphaël 'Shugo' Boissel
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